How many ml is in each bottle?
All of our products contain 30ml, unless otherwise specified.

I am seeing small, floaty particles in the product. Is this normal?
Due to each product's very high concentration of the active ingredients,  we would recommend you shake the bottle well before each use. As the ingredients are suspended in liquid, they may settle at the bottom over time. In fact, it is completely normal to notice small flakes inside the pipette, as this indicates the product has been shaken well.

How do you dose your product?
All of our Flavour Essences are consumed by mixing with other liquids, as specified on the label. The concentration of each product is also provided on the back of the bottle. As it may sometimes be difficult to get a full squirt, we suggest two half-squirts.

Please be aware that administering Flavour Essences directly into the mouth is not recommended, as the product may have an intense taste.
Please shake the bottle vigorously before use.